Sales Management Challenges:

The tight job market makes recruiting and employing good salespeople difficult.

Many college students view sales careers with disdain and see sales positions as stepping stones to other jobs.        

Training and Motivation       
Sales professionals must be trained in traditional skills, as well as new concepts including sales automation, total quality management and customer relationship management.·

Graduates are often poorly prepared for selling careers

Turnover rates[1] reach 20% annually in many industries·       

Bad Hires[2] (salespeople who don’t work out in the first first) have been estimated to cost firms as mush as $150,000 each

  1. Educating future sales and marketing professionals
  2. Forging university/business community partnership to strengthen the skills of marketers, salespeople and sales executives
  3. Researching marketing, selling and sales management topics

[1] Compdata Annual Compensation Survey, 2008 Turnover Rates by Industry

[2] Have You Ever Thought About The Cost of Hiring The Wrong Salesperson? By Barry Shamis, President of Selecting Winners (