Tuskegee University’s Solution:

The Sales and Marketing Program at Tuskegee University offers a unique solution to management’s challenges above.  Here’s how:        

Graduates don’t just know about selling, they know how to sell
We supplement lectures and textbooks, which focus on the science of selling, with video-taped role-playing and other sales simulations that teach the art of selling via experiential learning

Students make real world sales calls S&M students have the opportunity to make actual sales calls with a salesperson from our corporate partners.

Students learn the latest selling concepts
S&M students are trained in the latest concepts from sales Automation to Customer Relationship Management software.

Students can be part of the Sales Professional Network
S&M students have the opportunity to achieve the Professional Sales Certification offered by  the Sales professional Network.

Graduates receive a four year degree in sales and marketing
Tuskegee University’s degree substantiates that he graduate is well prepared for a successful career in sales.  Research demonstrates that this degree will offer enhanced career opportunities.