In addition to the traditional business curriculum, sales and marketing students take these sale-specific courses:

Professional Selling
This course examines the role of personal selling; all students are required to develop and deliver effective sales presentations. Students also receive an in depth glimpse of customer relationship management software.

Promotional Strategy
This course examines the creation of an Integrated Marketing Communication Program; all students are required to lead a case study; also, students are assigned to teams where each team create and sell an Integrated Marketing Communication Program to a business owner and/or vice president of a business.

Market Analysis

Students learn how to estimate demand and forecast sales. They then use these measures to select market targets, design sales territories, assign sales quotas and plan customer contract programs.

International Marketing
This course focuses on the adaptation of the marketing mix internationally due to economic, cultural and legal differences.

Sales Management
Students learn to plan, organize, staff, direct and control a sales force in an effective marketing organization.