The SMP offers a unique opportunity for students to study the latest sales and marketing concepts and to apply them in highly realistic simulations and/or business environments.

The SMP currently conducts role-play simulation in classrooms. These simulations allow students to hone their sales and marketing techniques and skills. Graduates don't just know about selling and marketing, they know how to sell and they know how to create and sell an Integrate Marketing Communication Plan (IMCP).

Each professional sales and marketing class supplements lectures and textbook, which focus on the science of selling and marketing, with videotaped role playing and other sales and marketing simulations that teach the art of selling and marketing.

Students who utilize the offerings of the SMP are able to make a smooth transition from college to the workforce because they are given the opportunity to experience sales and marketing in a hands-on format. Students create and present real world IMCP to business owners and/or executives; in the future, they will make real world sales calls.

In the future, SMP students will have the opportunity to make sales calls with salespeople from our Corporate Partners Program through mini sales tournaments. The Corporate Partner Program is in its development stage.

Currently, SMP students participate in the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). The students have the ability to compete with their intercollegiate peers as well as demonstrate their sales skills to corporate sponsors of the competition.