Tuskegee University Business and Engineering (TUBE) Conference    



TUBE 2014 Co-Chairs

Xavier Wiley, Co-Chair
College of Engineering
Ph: (229) 869-2496
email: xwiley3967@mytu.tuskegee.edu  

Teski Mason, Co-Chair
College of Business & Information Science
Ph: (661) 341-7236
email: tmason0656@mytu.tuskegee.edu

TUBE Conference 2015: March 30th – April 1st

Theme: “TRUST: Tuskegee Reaching and Upholding Success Together”

TUBE 2014 Conference Information  

About the TUBE Conference

MISSION:  Promoting team work, success, and leadership by strengthening the relationship among students, alumni, and industry and inspiring teams to endeavor towards a common goal.


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