About the TUBE Conference

Promoting team-work, success, and leadership by strengthening the relationship among students, alumni, and industry, and inspiring teams to endeavor towards a common goal - "The TUBE Conference."

We strive to educate, encourage, and empower our scholars to go forth and set the world ablaze! We cultivate the future leaders who will make changes in the community through actvism, leadership, and hard work.  TUBE maintains a positive atmosphere where students can progress the organization for members who will follow in their footsteps, while still upholding the values and prestige that set us apart from everyone else.

The Tuskegee University Business and Engineering (TUBE) Conference, which began in 1995, originated with the merging of the Management Conference and the Engineering Alumni Days. The result was a highly successful collaborative effort of the College of Business and Information Science and the College of Engineering, Architecture and Physical Sciences. The TUBE Conference is modeled after one of the largest student-run conferences in the country — The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Conference at the Wharton School of Business — and has evolved into a marketplace where students and faculty from both colleges can network and exchange ideas with industry representatives.


  • Educate and expose students to topics vital to career development.
  • Help students gain experience working with multifunctional teams.
  • Provide students, alumni, and company representatives an opportunity to network.