Dr. Heshmat Aglan

Heshmat A. Aglan, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Dean of CEAPS
Phone: (334) 727- 8857
Fax: (334) 727- 8090 (Fax)
E-mail: aglanh@tuskegee.edu

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering , University of London, England 1982, P. E (States of Alabama and Ohio).

Research Interests:
Fatigue and fracture behavior of advanced polymers and their composites, Joining of dissimilar metallic materials, Failure analysis of adhesive bonds and composite repair patches, Durability of polymer modified pavements, Flood damage resistive materials

Selected Publications: 
(Over 120 journal articles, book chapters, proceedings and technical reports. The following are some recent articles.)

"The Effect of Intermediate Graphitization on the Mechanical and Fracture Behavior of 2-D C/C Composites". H. A. Aglan, Carbon, 31 (1993) 1121-29.

"Processing Conditions Fracture Toughness Relationships of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures", H.Aglan, A. Othman and L. Figueroa, J. of Matrls Sci., 29 (1994) 4786-92.

"Engineering Design Analysis of Microgravity Chamber with Expandable Boundaries for Root Crops", H. Aglan et al., Vol. 104, Sect. 1, J. of Aerospace, (1995) 1222-1226.

"Hands on Experiences: An Integral Part of Engineering Curriculum Reform", Aglan and S. Ali, Journal of Engineering Education, Vol. 85, No. 4, (1996) 327-330.

"The Effect of an Applied Stress on the Welding of Irradiated Steels ", C. A. Wang, M. Grossback, H. Aglan and B. Chin, J. of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 239 (1996), pp 85-89.

"An Innovative Approach to Fatigue Disbond Propagation in Adhesive Joints", H. Aglan and Z. Abdo, J. of Adhesion Sci. And Tech., Vol. 10, No. 3, (1996) 183-198

"An Innovative Approach To Fatigue Crack Propagation In Pavements", H. Aglan and F. Bayomy, Trans. Research Record 1568, Transportation Research Board, (1997) 17-23.

"Durability Assessment of Composite Repairs Bonded to Aircraft Structures", H. Aglan et al.,J.of Adhesion Sci. and Tech., Vol. 13 (1999) 127-148.

"Evaluation of the Fatigue Fracture Resistance of PTFE Composites", H. Aglan et al., J. of Materials Sci., Vol. 34, (1999) 83-97.

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"Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis of a Premium Rail Steel," H. Aglan and Y. Gan,  Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 36 pp 389-397 (2001).

"Design Guidelines for Composite Patches Bonded to Aluminum Substrates," H. Aglan,. Y. Gan, Q. Wang,  J. of Adhesion Science and Technology, Vol 16 No. 2, pp 197-212 (2002).