Dr. Michael Curry

Dr. Michael Curry

Associate Professor, Chemistry
Phone:  334-724-4489

Email:  curry@mytu.tuskegee.edu


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (May, 1999)
University of West Alabama, Livingston, AL
Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. (Dec., 2004)
Area of Concentration: Analytical Chemistry/Surface Science
Dissertation Title: Physical, Mechanical, and Tribological Characterizations of Dendrimer-Mediated Nanocomposites

Selected Publications:

1. M. Curry, K. Crews, S. Shermer, C. Redden, M. Bakker “Nano-patterning of magnetic surfaces via reactive ion etching of polystyrene masks” in preparation (J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A,  2012).

2.  A. Mazumder, J. Davis, M. Curry “Synthesis of Ni Antimicrobial Nanoparticles via Dendrimer Templating” in preparation (Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, 2012).

3.   K. Crews, C. Reeves, D. Abuguri, A. Russell, M. Curry “Synthesis of Dendrimer-mediated Transition Metal Pt and Co Nanoparticles as Catalyst for the Release of Small Molecules” in preparation (J. Colloid. Interface Sci., 2012).

4.   M. Curry, K. Crews, V. Warke, M. G. Bakker, K. Hong, J. Mays, and P. Britt “Electrodeposition of cobalt nanowires on H-terminated conductive Si(111) surfaces via. co-block polymer templating” J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A. 29, 031401 (2011)

5.  D. Arrington, M. Curry, S. C. Street, and Z. Giovanni “Copper Electrodeposition onto Dendrimer Modified n-doped Silicon Substrates” Electrochemica Acta. 53, issue 5, 2644-2649 (2008)

6.   M. Curry, J. Zhang, X. Li, M. L. Weaver, and S. C. Street “Structural characterizations of dendrimer-mediated Metallic Ti and Al thin film nanocomposites” Thin Solid Films 515 3567-3573 (2007).

7.   M. Curry, X. Li, F. Huang, M. L. Weaver, and S. C. Street “A tribological study of kinetically influenced ultrathin Au and Cu metal overlayers grown on dendrimer mediated Si” Tribology Lett. 25 133-140 (2007)

8.   X. Li, F. Huang, M. Curry, S. C. Street, and M. L. Weaver “Improved adhesion of Au thin films to SiOx/Si substrates by dendrimer mediation” Thin Solid Films 473 164-168 (2005).

9.   X. Li, F. Huang, M. Curry, S. C. Street, and M. L. Weaver “Nanoscratch behavior of dendrimer-mediated Ti thin films” Tribology Lett. 19 273-280 (2005)

10. X. Li, M. Curry, G. Wei, J. Zhang, S. C. Street, and M. L. Weaver "Nanotribological studies of the dendrimer-mediated metallic thin films" Surface and Coating Technology 177 504-511 (2004)

11. M. Curry “Physical, Mechanical, and Tribological Characterization of Dendrimer Metal Nanocomposites” Ph. D. Dissertation, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, (2004).

12. J. Zhang, M. Curry, and S. C.  Street “The nanomechanical effect of dendrimer interlayers underneath Cu ultrathin films” Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 734 B.9.51.1-B.9.51.6 (2003).A. Rar, M. Curry, J. A. Barnard, and S.C. Street “Thin metal films deposited on dendrimer monolayers” Tribology Lett. 12 87-94 (2002).

13. F. T. Xu, M. Curry, P. P. Ye, J. A. Barnard, and S. C. Street "Molecular interlayers and mechanism of abrasive wear of ultrathin metal films" Tribology Lett. 12 189-193 (2002).

14. M. Curry, D. Arrington, F. T. Xu, J. A. Barnard, and S. C. Street "Kinetic energy influences on the growth mode of metal over-layers on dendrimer mediated substrates" J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A. 21 234-240 (2002).

15. D. Arrington, M. Curry, and S. C. Street "Patterned thin films of polyamidoamine dendrimers formed Using Microcontact Printing" Langmuir 18 7788-7791 (2002).