Ag-Discovery and AgriTREK/SciTREK

The Tuskegee University (TU) Ag-Discovery and AgriTREK/SciTREK Summer Enrichment Programs, held June 9-23, 2012, were held in conjunction as a comprehensive 2-week summer outreach experience in agricultural and related sciences that allowed a total of 44 youth - 10 females and 6 males aged 14-17 years for Ag-Discovery (16; 7 states), 8 females and 10 males representing grades 9th -12th for AgriTREK (18; seven states) and 4 females and 6 males representing grades 9th – 12th grades for SciTREK (10; two states) - to gain valuable educational and career information through leadership training and experiential learning. This information was provided in unique learning challenges that allowed the youth to really understand the inner workings of various careers in and related to agricultural sciences, including Wildlife Biology, Information Technology, Chemistry, Animal Science, Biotechnology, Plant Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Administrative Professions and the regulations, communications and legislation and policies that govern these programs.  TU in partnership with USDA-APHIS and USDA Forest Service provided programmatic experiences that engaged the youth, allowing them to experience first-hand various aspects of numerous career paths associated with each agency as well as the educational expectations that lead to said careers provided through wet labs, workshops, site visits and presentations. Overall, the program was highly successful, in its inaugural year in achieving the goals as outlined originally in the TU Ag-Discovery and AgriTREK/SciTREK Work Plan (see below).  No major problems were identified during the program.   Not only was the program informative, TU and the partnering agencies successfully incorporated “fun” into the program, also making it enjoyable for all while maintaining an agricultural focus.

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