Course Outlines

The course syllabi (outlines) are distributed at the beginning of each semester.  The outline contains all the necessary information regarding the course, faculty, textbook as well as course policies.  Students are requested to read through the outline carefully and save them for future reference.  Some faculty also post the outlines on Blackboard.  Click on the course number to open the respective course outline.

Course Number Course Title
CENG 0110 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
CENG 0210 Material and Energy Balances
CENG 0220 Fluid Mechanics
CENG 0250 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
CENG 0310 Heat Transfer
CENG 0320 Unit Operations Laboratory I
CENG 0350 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
CENG 0360 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CENG 0380 Mass Transfer
CENG 0390 Engineering, Ethics and Society
CENG 0400 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
CENG 0410 Transport Phenomena
CENG 0415
 Bioseparation Engineering
CENG 0420 Unit Operations Laboratory II
CENG 0430 Process Control and Instrumentation
CENG 0440 Process Control and Instrumentation Laboratory
CENG 0441 EIT Review
CENG 0450 Environmental Engineering Fundamentals
CENG 0460 Industrial Pollution and Abatement Processes
CENG 0470 Chemical Engineering Plant Design
CENG 0490 Senior Design Project
CENG 0495 Environmental Restoration/Waste Management
 CENG 0570  Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment
 CENG 0565  Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering
 CENG 0540  Advanced Thermodynamics