Program and Goal



The vision is that of a renowned multi-disciplinary and collaborative first class research and educational team working on novel technologies for renewable energy and sustainable environment. . The unit will not only provide hypothesis driven research, but also provide course content at the undergraduate and graduate education levels for the BS, MS, and PhD degrees. The long term vision of TUE2RU is for significant contribution to the creation of a sustainable global living style incorporating clean energy and a pollution free planet.


The mission of the TUE2RU is to establish world-class research and strengthen the educational and outreach activities in order   to provide solutions to global energy and environmental problems for a sustainable future.  Consequently, TUE2RU will engage in the following activities to fulfill its mission: 

  1. Develop external funded projects through TUE2RU's integrative system level approach to collaborative research.
  2. Introduce content in clean and sustainable energy production at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  3. Train Tuskegee undergraduate and graduate students in cutting edge research methods.
  4. Create clean energy and environmental awareness programs for K - 12 students, high school teachers, and community in Alabama by conducting seminars, workshops etc.
  5. Develop programs to recruit and retain minority, female and disabled students in STEM disciplines at Tuskegee University while engaging them in inter-disciplinary research programs.