Chemical Engineering Office

Ms. Daveyon Mason Johnson
Office Supervisor
513 Luther H. Foster Hall
Phone: (334) 727-8089
Fax:  (334) 724-4188

The Chemical Engineering Department is a very special place to be. I especially appreciate the beautiful cultures from around the globe, be they students or faculty.  meeting new people each year as Freshmen and Transfer students arrive with fear of the unknown is wonderful and it is a treasure to be here to assist in their goals and destinations. An even greater reward is to watch them mature into dedicated self-disciplinarians, a helpful quality for meeting their goals. they graduate wearing smiles of noble pride because they genuinely earned a bachelor of science degree after enduring quite a rigid program that was taught by a few of the finest professors and instructors in the world. Our alumnae make notable marks around the world, some at many of the great fortune 500 companies, giving back to Tuskegee University that same degree of pride taken from here.