Chemical Engineering Faculty – K.C. Kwon

Kyung C. Kwon
Chemical Engineering Department
School of Engineering and Architecture
Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL 36088
Tel: (334 )-727 -8976/724-4528, FAX: (334 )- 724 -4188
E-MAIL: kwonk@

Education and Training
Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1968
University of Denver, M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1970
Colorado School of Mines, PhD, Chemical Engineering, 1974

Research and Professional Experience
1982 to Present: Tuskegee University, Professor, Chemical Engineering Department
1980 to 1982: Auburn University, Research Associate, Coal Liquefaction Laboratory
1975 to 1980: Gulf Oil Corporation, Coal Liquefaction Plant, Process Engineer
1973 to 1974: Superior Oil Company, Commerce City, Colorado, Research Engineer
1968 to 1968: Samsung Groups, Korea Fertilizer Co, Ulsan, Korea
1983 to 2008: Summer faculty research participant at various agencies including
PETC, METC, ORNL, U.S. Army CRDEC, Aberdeen, and U.S.
Airforce, Tyndall AFB

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Patents, copyrights, and software systems
K. C. Kwon, Nader Vahdat, Tamara M. Floyd-Smith, Legand L. Burge, and Paul Jones, US Patent
7730769, Novel Capillary Viscometers for Use with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids, June 2010
The computer programs, entitled as Calculation of Friction Factors for Newtonian Fluids, Calculations of
Vapor-liquid Equilibrium Constants t()r Hydrocarbons, and Calculations of Flash Pressures, Vapor/liquid
Fractions, and their Compositions of Multi-Component Hydrocarbon Mixtures, were listed in the 1998
CEP (Chemical Engineering Progress) Journal. These computer programs were developed for the mass
transfer, then11odynamics, and fluid mechanics classes
Kinetics of Removal of Heavy Metals by a Chelating Ion Exchange Resin, and Regeneration of the
Resin by NH4OH Solution", K. C. Kwon, Helen Jermyn, and Howard Mayfield, in Environmental
Remediation, edited by G. F. Vandegrift, D.T. Reed, and I. R. Tasker, ACS Symposium Series book
509, Chapter 12, Pg. 161-179, ACS, Washington D.C., 1992.

Synergetic Activities
o Served as a co-chairman for one of the reaction kinetics sessions for the World Congress III of
Chemical Engineering, Tokyo, Japan, 1986.
o Served as a panelist on the Coal Reaction Chemistry Panel to review proposal applications submitted
to the U. S. Department for consideration by the University Research Program, 1992
o The Proposals in the response to the Energy Efficiency Science Solicitation DE-PS36-00G010500, U.
S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Center, Morgantown, WV, were reviewed in
May 2000.
o A proposal for SBIR/STTR Phase 1 Grant was reviewed in May 2005

Professional Affiliations
Licensed Professional Engineer, Alabama State Certificate No.14815

Teaching Activities
CENG 420, Senior Unit Operations Laboratory II
CENG 490, Capstone Design
CENG 380, Mass Transfer
CENG 360, Chemical Reaction Engineering