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Research Activities and Capabilities

Adsorption: Adsorption of multicomponent mixtures on solids, development of theoretical models to predict adsorption parameters, applications of adsorption processes in air pollution control, water and waste water treatment.

Alternative sources of energy: Coal liquefaction, coal surface properties , coal desulfurization, kinetics of limestone sulfation and coal combustion.

Biochemical engineering: Bioreactor and bioreactions of microbial systems, enzymatic reactions.

Composite materials: Non destructive characterization using C-scan , vibrational analysis, cure kinetic/mechanism study of thermosetting resins, optimization of fracture resistance of fiber, interfacial bonding effects in composite material.

Environmental engineering : Air pollution control, removal of heavy metals from waste water, bioremediation ex-situ and in-situ processes, hazardous chemical fate, and ground water modal

Tuskegee University Energy and Environmental Research Unit

Membrane separations: Separation of organic compounds by polymeric membranes, pervaporation application of membrane technologies to industrial membrane processes, application of membrane separation processes in air pollution control.

Pulp and paper engineering: Pulping kinetics, control, causticizing reactions, reactor design, black liquor viscosity modification using high intensity ultrasound.

Reaction engineering : High-temperature and high pressure reactions, reaction kinetics and modals, reactor design.

Transport properties of polymers: Permeation of chemicals through polymers, measurement of permeation rate, diffusion coefficient and solubility, prediction of transport properties of polymer, transport mechanism of small molecules in polymers