Placement in Basic and Required English and Math Courses

Based on SAT/ACT results, a student may be required to take Reading 101 and/or Reading 102.  Each Reading course yields one-hour credit and must be taken during the first year of enrollment.  Additionally, a student may be required to take English 100, a 3 credit hour course.  A minimum grade of "C' is required in English 100 and each Reading course.  Note: If required; credit does not count towards graduation.


Course and Number Criteria for Placement
ENGLISH H101 (Honors) 540 and above (SAT Verbal)
23 and above (ACT English)
ENGLISH 101 440 - 530 (SAT Verbal)
17 -22 (ACT English)
At least a B average in High School English classes
ENGLISH 100 Student does not meet the placement requirement for ENGLISH H101 or ENGLISH 101


Course and Number Criteria for Placement
MATH 103/105 200 to 370 (SAT Math)
1 to 15 (ACT Math)
Note: If the intended major requires MATH 107, the placement is MATH 105
MATH 106 380 to 460 (SAT Math)
16 to 19 (ACT Math)
MATH 107 470 to 540 (SAT Math)
20 to 23 (ACT Math)
Note: If a major does not require MATH 107, then the student has the option of NOT taking Mathematics. If the student chooses not to take Mathematics, those credit hours must be taken in another discipline.
MATH 110 Above 540 (SAT Math)
24 (ACT Math)
MATH 207 Placement in this course is determined by the Mathematics Department Head