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University: Tuskegee University
Professor: Fan Jiang 
Department: Department of Electrical Engineering

Modeling and Designing Resource Efficient Distributed Network Management System for Scalable MANET and sensor networks with Maintaining QoS Assurance of Multi-service Applications

Most of the research in network management focuses on centralized approach. The concept of distributed management is relatively a new subject which happens to blend particularly well with bandwidth limited network such as Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) and Sensor networks. In this research, we are considering achieving resource efficient distributed network management system design for scalable MANET. Manet includes radios that freely roam within the network. The same architecture is also applicable for sensor networks. The difference between MANET and sensor networks comes from the fact that the radios are rechargeable for MANET while sensors have one life until the battery fails. The overall architecture of the distributed network management system is defined based on a clustered organizational approach. We consider forming management clusters where each cluster will have a cluster head and a small set of radios and sensors. We anticipate due to strategic operations of the theater, the number of radios within each cluster will have a maximum of 80 radios. These highly mobile networks use multi-hop communications within the cluster where the paths are created amongst the radios, and multi-hop inter-cluster network which can have longer range of transmission when the clusters are located in either ground (e.g. Humvees) or air vehicles (eg. UVA).

Real Time Simulation of Scalable Integrated Network Architecture for QoS Assured Multi-service Applications for Validating the Performance

In this project, we will study the performance of scalable MANET architecture using real-time simulation tools provided by the Optimized Network Engineering Tools(OPNET).The performance analysis will be done to derive the management overhead bandwidth and delay of execution of the system. Algorithms designed in MATLAB/SIMULINK can be integrated in OPNET for the system's simulation and performance validation. The task of simulation will be achieved incrementally as the algorithms are developed and verified.

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