Gong, ShaoWei

ShaoWei Gong, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
Phone: 334 727 8851
Fax: 334 727 8090
Email: shaowei.gong@mytu.tuskegee.edu

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Tenn. Tech. University
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Southwest JiaoTong University

2008/08~Present      Assistant Professor   ME Dept. Tuskegee University
2002/08~2008/08     Researcher/Partner   Green Standard Technologies
2000/01~2002/06     Research Scientist     Ephant Technolohies
2000/01~2001/08     Adjunct Faculty        Tenn. Tech. University
1991~1996              Research Engineer    GH R&D Company

Teaching Interests

Mechanical Design, Heat transfer, Engineering Economics Analysis, Mechanisms and machine theory, Dynamics of machinery, Design for Manufacturability, Optimization, Dynamics, Controls, Vibration, Continuum Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity

Research Interests

  1. Robotics
  2. Innovative design and engineering design theory
  3. Optimization
  4. Fuzzy logic evaluation in design issues
  5. Perfectly flexible mechanism
  6. Precision engineering design and manufacturing
  7. Development of novel technologies for green energy generation
  8. IC engine efficiency
  9. Digital communication and data encryption
  10. Mathematic modeling of digital signal processing method development
  11. Wheel dynamics and vehicle system design
  12. Vehicle propulsion efficiency
  13. Underwater vessel propulsion and riser innovative design
  14. Low-frequency detonation engine with High-G mitigation for aero-spacecraft propulsion
  15. Spacecraft propulsion technology
  16. Gravitational forces and artificial gravity

Recent Publications


  1. ShaoWei Gong, “Development of Low Frequency Pulse Detonation Engine with High-G Mitigating System for Aero-Spacecraft Propulsion,” Journal of Aerospace Engineering, v225, p645-656, 2011.
  2. ShaoWei Gong and Kwun-Lon Ting, "A novel wheel / tire dynamics model and derivation of generalized friction law" Intl. Journal of Automobile Engineering, v222, p173-189, 2007
  3. ShaoWei Gong, "Discussion of design philosophy and modified non-expert fuzzy model for better product design" Intl. Journal of Engineering Design, v17, p533-548, 2006
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  7. ShaoWei Gong, "Weighted Monte-Carlo experimental measurement and integrated data treatment" Intl. Journal of Measurement, v36, p143-153, 2004
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  9. Edward Red and ShaoWei Gong, "Automated inverse-kinematics off-line programming" Intl. Journal of Robotica, v12, p45-53, 1994

Conference Proceedings

  1. ShaoWei Gong, "Monte-Carlo empirical model and fuzzy interpolation for MIMO system precision control" Presentation / Proceeding Book, ASPE Annual meeting, 2005
  2. ShaoWei Gong, "An ultra-precision robot" US PTO Gazette Publications, 2004
  3. ShaoWei Gong, "An integrated utility vehicle" US PTO Gazette Publications, 2003

Submitted/Pending Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

  1. ShaoWei Gong, "Cosmological model of dual-energy gravitation and simulation for the realization of artificial gravity," Submitted to Journal of Nature, 2010
  2. ShaoWei Gong, "An effective IC engine propulsion method for improving fuel efficiency,"Submitted to Journal of Engine Research, 2010
  3. ShaoWei Gong,  "A novel design method with uniformed measure of low cost standard via fuzzy manipulation," Submitted to Intl. Journal of Engineering Design, 2009
  4. ShaoWei Gong,  "Discussions of the true identities of m-l curve for modern vehicle handling system design" Submitted to Intl. Journal of Automotive Engineering, 2009


  1. ShaoWei Gong, "An ultra-precision robotic system" Patent No. 6882901, USA
  2. ShaoWei Gong, "Integrated utility personal vehicle" Patent No. 6540569, USA
  3. ShaoWei Gong, "Power reinforced tennis racket" Patent No. 5366218, USA
  4. S. Gong and K. Ting, "Antilock braking system and optimal control" US PTO Reg. No. 60212526, USA
  5. S. Gong and K. Ting, "ABS with acceleration sequence control" US PTO Reg. No. 60212525, USA
  6. ShaoWei Gong, "Wireless digital signal encryption method/algorithm" US PTO Reg. No. 330316, USA

Second place "IC Engine exhausting remnant mechanism control for better fuel efficiency" ASME Design Competition, Graduate Division, USA, 1988


  1. Member, American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  2. Reviewer, ASME Transaction Journal of Mechanical Design
  3. Reviewer, Journal of Mechanism and Machine Theory
  4. Reviewer, IOP International Journal of Measurement System and Technology