Solomon, John


John T Solomon 
Assistant Professor
Department of  Mechanical Engineering
516 University Avenue
333 "Chappie" James Center
Tuskegee, AL 36088
334 727 8983 (Office)
850 339 8398 (Mobile)
Fax   : 334 727 8090

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Florida State University-Fall-2010
M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut India, Spring-2002.
B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Trivandrum, India, Fall-1998

Research Activities
High-speed flow control, Actuator development, Non intrusive microscale flow diagnostic techniques, Heat Transfer and Multiphase flow.

Previous Employers
2010-2012: Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Florida State University
: Research Associate, Florida Center for Advanced Aero Propulsion
2006-2010: Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Florida State University
2002-2005: Faculty in Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India.

Research Publications
1. Uzun, A., Solomon, J.T., Foster, C.H., Oates, W.S., Hussaini, M.Y., Alvi, F.S., “Simulations of Pulsed Microactuators of High –Speed Flow Control”, Submitted to Journal of Physics of Fluids, 2012-Second Revision Submitted
Solomon, J. T., Foster, C., Alvi F.S., “Design and characterization of High-Bandwidth, Resonance Enhanced, Pulsed Microactuators: A parametric Study”, submitted to AIAA J, 2012-Accepted (In Print)
Solomon, J.T., Kumar R., Alvi F.S., “High Bandwidth Pulsed Microjets for High Speed Flow Control”, AIAA Journal 2010.
Topolski, N., Arora, N., Ali, M.Y., Solomon, J.T.,  Alvi, F.S., “Study on Resonance Enhanced Microactuators in Supersonic Crossflow”, AIAA-2012-2813
Garret, S., Solomon, J.T., Gustavson, G., Alvi, F.S., “Implementing Resonance Enhanced Microactuators for the control supersonic microjets’’, AIAA-0065, 2012.
Uzun, A., Foster, C.H., Solomon, J.T., Oates, W.S.,  Hussaini, M.Y., Alvi, F.S., “Simulations of Pulsed Microactuators of High –Speed Flow Control”, AIAA-2938, 2011.
Kreth, P., Solomon, J.T., Alvi, F.S., “Resonance-Enhanced High Frequency Micro-actuators with Active Structures”, AIAA-2939, 2011.
Foster, C., Solomon, J.T., Alvi, F.S., “Visual Study of Resonance dominated Microjet flows using laser based micro- Schlieren”, AIAA-2011-766, 2011.
Solomon, J.T., PhD dissertation, Florida State University, 2010.
10.  Ali, M.Y., Solomon, J.T., Gustavsson, J., Alvi, F.S., “Control of Supersonic Cavity Flows Using High Bandwidth Micro actuators”, AIAA-197194-564, 2010.
11.  Solomon, J.T., Alvi, F.S., Kumar, R., Gustavsson, J., “Principles of a High Bandwidth Micro-actuator Producing Supersonic Pulsed Microjets”,   AIAA-197237-476, 2010.
12.  Solomon, J.T., Wiley, A., Kumar, R., Alvi, F.S.,  “Active and Adaptive Control of Supersonic flow using High Bandwidth Pulsed Micro-actuators”, FCAAP meeting Aug 13-14 2009.
13.  Solomon, J.T., Wiley, A., Kumar, R., Alvi, F.S., “Development and Implementation of High Frequency Pulsed Microactuators for Active Control of Supersonic Impinging Jet”, SAROD meeting, National Aerospace Lab, India, 2009.
14.  Solomon, J.T., Hong, S., Wiley, A., Kumar, R., Annaswamy, A.M., Alvi, F.S.,  “Control of Supersonic Resonant flows Using High bandwidth Micro- Actuators”, AIAA -3247, 2009.
15.  Solomon, J.T., Kumar, R., Alvi, F.S., “Development and characterization of High bandwidth micro actuator”, ASME FEDSM 55032, 2008.
16.  Solomon, J.T., Kumar. R, Alvi, F.S., “High band width pulsed micro actuators for active flow control’, AIAA-3042, 2008.
17.  Hogue, J.,  Solomon, J.T.,  Oates, W., Alvi, F.S.,  “Broadband Pulsed Flow Using Piezoelectric Microjets., Proc. SPIE 7643, 76431V (2010); doi:10.1117/12.847560
18.  Liu, F., Hogue, J., Oates, W., Solomon, J.T., Alvi, F.S., “Piezo electric controlled Pulsed microjet actuation” ASME SMASIS1448, California 2009.
19.  Solomon, J.T., Sobhan, C.B., “Experimental Investigations on Fluid flow and Heat Transfer through Rectangular Minichannels”, ASME Fluid Engineering Summer conference, Hoston , TX, 2005.
20.  Sobhan, C.B., Solomon, J.T., “Flow transitions and Convective Heat Transfer in Single Phase flow   Through Mini channels,” 6th ASME-JSME Thermal Engineering Joint Conference, Hawaii, 2003.
21.  Solomon, J.T., Wiley, A., Kumar R, Alvi F. S., “Effect of High Frequency Excitation on resonant dominated impinging jet (Under preparation to AIAA journal 2012)

Honors & Awards
1. Nomination for the graduate research and creativity award 2010 of FSU
Outstanding graduate seminar award of Mechanical engineering Department, FSU spring-2008
3. Ranked in the Top 5% of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering in India 2000.

1. High Bandwidth & Control Authority Micro-Actuators for Active Flow & Noise Control –

Professional Activities
1. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Member

Invited Talks
1. Actuators for the Control of High-Speed Flows: An Overview and Updates, F. S. Alvi and J. T. Solomon. Special Session at the 6th AIAA Flow Control Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 27, 2012
High bandwidth pulsed microactuators for active flow control, National Aerospace Laboratory, Bangalore, India, January 2010.
LEM modeling of microactuators, National Aerospace Laboratory, Bangalore, India, January 2010.
High bandwidth microactuators for supersonic flow control Graduate seminar’, spring 2008, FSU
Control of supersonic resonant flows’, Grad Expo, FSU 2009.
Micro/Mini Channels for Thermal Management of Electronic Equipment, Short term program on Thermal Engineering of Electronic Equipment, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India 2002.