Xu, Jun

Jun Xu, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Tuskegee University
Tuskegee, AL 36088
Phone: 334 727 8039
Email: xujun@mytu.tuskegee.edu

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2003
M.S. in Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, 1995
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1992

Postdoctoral Training
2004 – 2008        Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, and the Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, NY.
2003 – 2004        Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Neuroscience,Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC.

2009–Present        Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tuskegee University2011 Summer             Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of California at Davis
2008                         Product Development Engineer, EuroMed Inc, New York, NY
1995-199                 Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Research Interests
Thermal-fluids, wind energy, and computational biomedicine

Teaching Interests
Engineering Dynamics, Freshman Design, Engineering Graphics, EIT Review, Thermal Science Lab, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, CAD, Probability and Statistics, Bioengineering, Physiology and Biophysics, Neuroscience.

Journal Publications
Xu, J. and Clancy, C.E. “Ionic Mechanisms of Bursting in CA3 Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons: A Model Study”. PLoS ONE. 2008. 3(4): e2056.
Nakamura, H., Kurokawa, J., Bai, C-X., Asada, K., Xu, J., Vaknin, R., Zhu, Z.I. Clancy, C.E., Isobe, M., Furukawa, T. " Progesterone regulates cardiac repolarization through a non-genomic pathway: in vitro patch-clamp study and cellular/multicellular computer modeling". Circulation. 2007. 116(25):2913-22.
Choe, C.U., Schulze-Bahr, E., Neu, A., Xu, J., Zhu, Z.I., Sauter, K., Bahring, R., Priori, S., Guicheney, P., Monnig, G., Neapolitano, C., Heidemann, J., Clancy, C.E., Pongs, O., Isbrandt, D. "C-terminal HERG (LQT2) mutations disrupt IKr channel regulation through 14-3-3".  Human Molelcular Genetics. 2006. 15(19):2888-902.
Goodhill, G.J. & Xu, J. “The development of retinotectal maps: a review of models based on molecular gradients”. Network: Computation in Neural Systems. 2005. 16: 5-34.
Xu, J., Rosoff, W.J., Urbach, J.S. & Goodhill, G.J. “Adaptation is not required to explain the long-term response of axons to molecular gradients”. Development. 2005. 132: 4545-4552.
Lu, Z., and Xu., J., “Dynamic simulation of gas turbines and study of the control systems in a Pressurized Fluidized-Bed Combustion – Combined Cycle (PFBC-CC) system”. Journal of Engineering for Thermal Energy and Power. 1997. 12: 81-85.

Conference Proceedings
1. Xu, J. and Zhang, H., 2003. “Computational Modeling of Dynamic Cell Adhesion, Deformation, and Rolling under Blood Flow in a Microchannel”. ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE). Washington, DC.
Xu, J. and Zhang, H., 2003. “Computational modeling of firmly adhered cell and blood flow interactions in a micro-channel”. Proceedings of ASME Heat Transfer Conference, pp. 1-10. Las Vegas, Nevada.
Xu, J. and Zhang, H., 2002. “Cell adhesion and deformation under dynamic shear flow in a micro-channel”. BED-Vol.53, ASME Advances in Bioengineering. New Orleans, LA.
Zhang, H., Larson, D.J. Jr., Chen, T.H., and Xu, J., 2001. “An Integrated Macro- and Micro-Scale Model for Detached Solidification in a Bridgman Growth System”. Proc. International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) 2001/HTD-24197, pp. 1-11. New York, NY.
Sun, D.W., Xu, J., Zhang, H., Wan, Y.P., Prasad, V., and Wang, G.X., 2000. “Numerical Studies of Interface Velocity and Temperature during Thermal Spray Process”. Proceedings of 1st Int. Thermal Spray Conf., Thermal Spray: Surface Engineering via Applied Science. (Ed., C. C. Berndt), ASM Int., pp. 195-201. Materials Park, OH.
Xu, J., Ferland, M., Zhang, H., and Prasad, V., 2000. “Thermal Analysis of Solidification in a Czochralski-Type Rotating System”. Proceedings of the ASME Heat Transfer Division, HTD-Vol. 366-3, pp. 263-272. Orlando, FL.

Xu, J.
and Clancy, C.E. 2006. “A role for complex hippocampal dendritic branching in epilepsy triggers”. 50th Biophysical Society Annual meeting. Salt Lake City, UT.
Xu, J. and Clancy, C.E. 2005. “Ionic Mechanisms of Bursting in CA3 Hippocampal pyramidal neurons: a modeling study”. Gordon Research Conference on Mechanisms of Epilepsy & Neuronal Synchronization. Colby College, Waterville, ME.
Xu, J. and Clancy, C.E. 2005. “A theoretical investigation of bursting in CA3 hippocampal neurons”. Society of Neuroscience 35th annual meeting. Washington, DC.
Goodhill, G., Xu, J., and Urbach, J. 2004. “Predicting the spatial and temporal scales required for the signal transduction networks underlying growth cone chemotaxis”. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting: Axonal Guidance & Neural Plasticity. Cold Spring Harbor, NY.
Xu, J. and Zhang, H. 2001. “Cell Rolling and Deformation in a Shear Flow: An Micro and Macro Integrated Model”. Annual Fall Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Durham, NC.

Honors & Awards
1. 2011 The article “Ionic mechanisms of bursting in CA3 hippocampal pyramidal neurons: a model study” by Xu and Clancy (PLoS One 2008), was selected and evaluated by the Faculty of 1000 (F1000).
2. Tuskegee University Faculty Performance Award for Service in the College of Engineering 2012.