Research Capabilities

Research Activities and Capabilities:

Dr. Heshmat Aglan: Nanostructured Materials, Ultra High Strength Alloys, Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis

Dr. Firas Akasheh: Plasticity, Dislocation Dynamics, manufacturing, nanoscale metallic composites, computational solid mechanics

Dr. Maria Calhoun: Effect of Environmental Aging on Properties of Nanostructured Composites

Dr. ShaoWei Gong:  Innovative Design and Design Theory, Robotics, Flexible Mechanism, Ultra-Precision Engineering, Vehicle Dynamics, Aero-Spacecraft Propulsion, Digital Communications and Data Encryption

Dr. Kunle Harrison: Design of Mechanical/Electrical Devices, Vibration of Machines

Dr. Mohammad Kamal Hossain: Materials Characterization, Nanophased and Green Composites Materials, and Finite Element and Stress Analysis

Dr. Jun Xu: Computational Bio-Fluids, Bio-Mechanics, Cell Physiology, and Bio-Physics

Dr. Pradosh Ray: Nuclear Power, Electric Propulsion, Surfaces and Interfaces, and Curriculum Development

Dr. Dave Sree: Flow Measurement/Analysis, Laser Velocimetry, and Signal Analysis

Dr. Tao Xing: Computational Fluid Mechanics and Renewable Energy