CE Vision Statement

The College of Engineering (CE) has for more than four decades provided a tradition for students to enter and complete post-secondary studies in engineering, architecture, construction science and physics. The College produces graduates who possess the technical talent to compete in industry, governmental and academia. The College has as its goal that each graduate: is technically competent; is possessive of critical and innovative thinking skills; understands management and business; demonstrates the collaborative effect of teaming; possesses astute verbal and communicative skills; and each graduate is sensitive to the surrounding environment. CE has accreditation with the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).

One of the College of Engineering's major objectives is the preparation of individuals for a full, satisfying and competitive career in an era when society demands comprehensive solutions to environmental, ethical and technological problems. It has become clear that in producing the goods and services that are demanded by an expanding populace, technical solutions of the future will incorporate multi-faceted problem-solving skills, which will involve not only socio-political impact on the economy but also, economic and global ecological components will be incorporated as well. The College provides each student with an experience in computer languages, probability and statistics, contemporary issues, including ethics, and open-ended design. In the Engineering programs, professionals are prepared with the ability to apply technology for the benefit of society.

The CE' vision is that each student is an exceptionally prepared graduate. To adequately affect this we emphasize competence, critical thinking and a dynamic curriculum. Students receive augmentation to the theory through industry visits, internships and hands-on laboratories. The College keeps the more seasoned and brightest faculty in the classroom, to maintain the strength of a teaching institution while providing students with undergraduate research experiences in realistic projects. The industry partners assists in many ways by including scholarships, program support and in-kind gifts. Some donations include but are not limited to equipment, facilities support and licenses and maintenance. Additionally, the College uses pre-college programs for recruiting, awareness and community connectivity.

The College seeks the following long-term goals: to target the best and brightest students by offering innovative and outreach programs, to key communities; continue the support and provide incentives for faculty and staff development through intriguing research projects that collaborate with our doctorate program and connect with national collaborations and conferences; increase the number of copyrights, patents, professional registrations and intellectual data rights; enhance the use of smart classroom technology in presentation and in the learning processes; and, to engage in fund raising for building maintenance, renovations and annexations; equipment acquisition, scholarships, and professional development of faculty, staff and students, particularly to increase our population in our summer programs.

For Information on Summer Programs - Ms. Toya Dean

For Information on Research Programs - Dr. Heshmat Aglan

For Information on Business Matters - Ms. V.W. Moore

Aerospace Engineering - Dr. Javed Khan

Chemical Engineering - Dr. Nadar Vahdat

Electrical Engineering - Dr. Gregory V. Murphy

Mechanical Engineering -Dr. P. K.  Ray