Office of the Dean - College of Engineering

 Heshmat Aglan, Ph.D.
Interim Dean

Dr. Heshmat Aglan was appointed Interim Dean for the College of Engineering (CE). Dr. Aglan has a PhD and MS from the University of London, England and an M. Eng. and BS from Assiut University, Egypt all in mechanical engineering. Dr. Aglan worked at Tuskegee University for 25 years strengthening teaching, research and outreach with local, national and internationally recognized research.

He is a professor of Mechanical Engineering and served as the Associate Dean for CE. In projects focusing on reforming engineering curriculum funded by NSF, Aglan spearheaded the development of hands-on courses for engineering students, through the design and development of modules with embedded assessment.

Dr. Aglan has funded projects at the local, national and international levels. During the last five years alone, he has directed grants totaling over four million dollars in funding, including: •Multidisciplinary Educational Research and Training (MERT) Program (D Energy) •NUCOR Education and Research Center (funded by Nucor Steel Corp) •Fracture and Fatigue Studies of Rail Steel (Federal Railroad Administration) •Impact of Mold Contaminated Floodwater on Selective Home Building Materials (Dept. of Homeland Security/Oak Ridge National Lab).

His internationally recognized research reaches to our local community local middle and high schools projects integrating hands-on activities particularly in math, physics and technology classrooms. Local middle and high schools visit Aglan's laboratories for hands-on exercises with their teachers. Dr. Aglan is serving on the Board of Directors for the Alabama Math Science and Technology Education Coalition (AMSTEC). Its mission is to improve STEM education in the State of Alabama.

Dr. Aglan published more than 120 refereed works in science and engineering journals, a product of more than two decades of scientific investigation at TU where he graduated 5 PhD students, more than 40 M.S. students, and over 20 post-doctorial fellows. He is a licensed professional engineer in the States of Alabama and Ohio. Dr. Aglan is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Elastomers and Plastics, Sage Publishers Ltd.

Selected Publications

  1. E-Learning and Instructional Management System Based on Local Computer Networks and Internet, H. Khazaal, M. Karam and H. Aglan, J. of College Teaching & Learning-Third Quarter 2014 V.11, Number 3.
  2. Effect of Long-Term Exposure and Delayed Drying Time on Moisture and Mechanical Integrity of Flooded Homes, H. Aglan, A. Ludwick, S. Kitchens, T. Amburgey, S. Diehl and H. Borazjani, Journal of Flood Risk Management, 2013.
  3. Green anti-scalant for cooling water systems. Abdel-Gaber, A., Abd-El-Nabey, B., Khamis, E., Abd-El-Rhmann, H., Aglan, H., & Ludwick, A. (2012), International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 7(12), 11930-11940.
  4. Evaluation of the Corrosion Barrier Properties of Nano-Reinforced Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Coatings, M. Calhoun, A. Ludwick, M. Mahmoud and H. Aglan, J. of Applied Polymer Science, pp. 15–22, 5 January 2011.
  5. Microstructure-Fracture Behavior Relationships of Slot-Welded Rail Steels, A. Allie, H. Aglan and M. Fateh, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 2011, pp. 1-10.
  6. Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Nanostructured Perlite-Cementitious Surface Compounds for Building Skin Applications, Constr. and Build. Mat. Journal, Aglan et al., 23 (2009) 138.
  7. Predictive Model for CO2 Generation and Decay in Building Envelopes. H. Aglan. J. of Applied Physics, 93 (15) (2003) 1287-1290. 
  8. Hands-On Experiences: An Integral Part of Engineering Curriculum Reform, H. Aglan and S. Ali, J. of Engineering Education, October 1996.



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