Cynthia Ann Jackson, Ph.D.
Location: Armstrong Hall, Room 106
Office Phone: 334-727-8063

Biographical Sketch:

My area of research interest is renal physiology, focusing on understanding how the heterogeneity segments of the kidney regulate various parameters such as water and electrolyte balances in order to maintain homeostasis.  Presently, I have three major ongoing projects in my laboratory.  My first project identifies urinary protein biomarkers associated with various pathophysio¬logical diseases, specifically sodium-induced hypertension.  My second project involves characterizing a cluster of genes and their temporal expression in the kidney during the developmental phase of hypertension.  I have initiated a third project that examines the interactions of the intrarenal hormones during tumorigenesis in renal carcinoma cells (RCC). The three major intrarenal hormones that we are investigating are the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS), prostaglandin (PGs), and Kinin-Kalikreinsystem (KKS).

Research Fields:

  • Renal Physiology

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

Representative Publications:

1.  Shantae Mangaroo, Ransom E Ward, Carla J Robertson, and Cynthia Ann Jackson.   Urinary Proteomics Analysis of a High Salt Diet.  FASEB J 24: 1024, 2010.

2.  Jackson, Cynthia Ann. Microarray Analysis of Potassium-Induced Genes in the Mouse Kidney   FASEB J. 22:409, 2008.

3.  Jackson, Cynthia Ann, Min Zhao, Shu Narumiya, and Matthew D Breyer. Regulation of Potassium Excretion in FP Knockout Mice.  FASEB J. 21:937, 2007.

4.  Tiao Guan, Bo Yu, Yahua Zhang, Cynthia A.  Jackson, Matthew D. Breyer, Youfei Guan. Induction of ABCA1 Expression by Liver X Receptor (LXR) agonist in Renal Glomerular Mesangial Cells.  FASEB J, 2006.

5.  Jackson, Cynthia Ann, Shu Narumiya, and Matthew Breyer.   The Role of Prostaglandin EP1 and FP Receptors in the Regulation of Blood Pressure.  FASEB J, 2006.

6.  Monica Carmosino, Richard Hebert, Osamu Saito, Guangrui Yang, Cynthia Jackson, Zhonghua Qi, Richard M Breyer, Chandramohan Natarajan, Yahua Zhang, Youfei Guan, and Matthew D. Breyer.  Characterization of a Rabbit PG F2? (FP) Receptor Exhibiting Gi-Restricted Signaling and that Inhibits Water Absorption in Renal Collecting Duct.   J.Am Soc Nephrol 16: 129A, 2005.