Deloris Alexander, Ph.D.
Location: John A. Kenney Hall, Room 70-116
Office Phone: 334-552-0690

Biographical Sketch: 
Dr. A. Deloris Alexander has been intimately involved in the launching of Tuskegee’s PhD Program in Integrative Biosciences (IBS), which seeks to address the lack of well-trained, graduate-level, U.S. scientists. Serving as the program Director, she has worked with integrative teams in procuring grants to cover student training and to improve institutional and research infrastructure. The IBS program has provided a mechanism for fostering a more intensive biomedical research and training atmosphere at Tuskegee and has produced 8 graduates in 6 years with 2 more fellows on track to graduate by May 2013.  Dr. Alexander has many research interests, all related to microbial ecology.  This area of research has implications for biomedical challenges as well as agricultural and biofuels applications.   Dr. Alexander, who also serves as the Deputy Director for Research for Tuskegee University’s Health Disparities Institute for Research and Education (HDIRE), has additionally been actively involved in research that seeks to reduce health disparities as it relates to the Alabama Black Belt Counties (ABBC).  Dr. Alexander is also a joint faculty member in the College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences (CAENS) and the College of Veterinary Medicine, and Allied Health (CVMNAH).

Research Fields:  
  • Parasitology
  • Health Disparities

Representative Publications:

1. Destina Campbell, Janet Koester, Kunwar Srivastava, Roger Hagerty, A.D. Alexander. What’s the Diagnosis? Prodentia of the Rectum. Submitted Journal of American Veterinary Medicine Association

2. Janet Koester, Kara Pickett, Johnathan McNeally, Ramadevi Nimmanapalli, Marcia Martinez, Jesse, Jaynes, Frank Chestnut, Ira Tigner, Destina Campbell, Darielle Freeman, Christine Ferebee, Derell Hampton, and Alexander, A.D. Role for Synthetic Peptides in the Control of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Related Colon Cancer, Tuskegee University. [in prep]

3. Alexander, A. D., Villalta, F., Lima, M.F. (2003) Receptor-mediated TGF-Trypanosoma cruzi amastigote proliferation. Infect. Immun. Jul; 71(7):4201-5

4. Spector, D.; Anthony, M.; Alexander, A.D.; Arab, L.; (2003) Soy Consumption and Colorectal Cancer. Nutrition and Cancer 47(1):1-2

5. Alexander, A.D.; Orcutt, R.P.; Bissahoyo, A.A.; Baker, J.; Threadgill, D.W. (2006) Quantitative PCR Assays for Mouse Enteric Flora Reveal Strain-Dependent Differences in Composition. Mammalian Genome Dec Vol 17:1093-1104