Dr. Fitzgerald Bramwell

University of Michigan, Ph. D., Chemistry 1970
University of Michigan, M. S., Chemistry 1967
Columbia University, B. A., Chemistry 1966


Tuskegee University, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 8/12-present
Howard University, Associate Provost for Research, 8/10- 01/12
University of Kentucky, Vice President Research and Graduate Studies, 7/95-7/01
University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Executive Director, 7/95-7/01
Brooklyn College, CUNY, Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, 2/90-6/95


Tuskegee University, Professor, Chemistry, 8/12-present
University of Kentucky, Professor, Chemistry (Emeritus), 7/95-8/12
University of Kentucky, Professor, Biochemistry (Emeritus), 7/95-8/12
CUNY Doctoral Faculty, Professor, Chemistry (Emeritus), 1/80 -6/95
Brooklyn College, Professor, Chemistry (Emeritus), 7/79-6/95


Representative Books

Commonwealth Chemical Demonstrations
Empire Science Resources, LLC, Lexington, KY, 320 pages, 2010

Basic Laboratory Principles in General Chemistry with Quantitative Techniques
with C. R. Dillard and G. M. Wieder
Kendall Hunt Co., Dubuque, IA, 264 pages, 1990

Investigations in General Chemistry Quantitative Techniques and Basic Principles
with C. R. Dillard, C. J. Shahani and G. M. Wieder
Burgess Publishing Co., Minneapolis, MN, 256 pages, 1977

Representative Articles: Basic Research

S. A. Bajue, C. Lewis, K. Clarke, F. B. Bramwell, B. O. Patrick and C. P. Brock, "Isostructural or Not?  Adducts of some Aryltin Halides with E-1,2-Bis(4-pyridyl)ethene" Acta Cryst.  C59, m207 (2003)

Coordination Compounds of Tin with 4,4'-Bipyridine
S. A. Bajue*, F. B. Bramwell*, MacArthur Charles, F. Cervantes-Lee and K. Pannell*
Inorganica Chim.  Acta 1 83, (1992)

The Photolysis of Rigid Solutions of Triphenyl Tin Anion
B. A. King and F. B. Bramwell*
J. Inorg.  Nucl.  Chem. 43 1479, (1981)

Naphtho(1,8-cd:5-c'd')bis(1,2,6) selenadiazine
M. L. Kaplan*, R. C. Haddon*, F. C. Schilling, J. M. Marshall and F. B. Bramwell*
J. Amer Chem.  Soc. 101 3306, (1979)

The 1,9-Dithiophenaylenyl System
R. C. Haddon*, F. Wudl*, M. L. Kaplan, J. H. Marshall, R. E. Cais and F. B. Bramwell*
J. Amer Chem.  Soc. 100 7629, (1978)

ESR Studies of Donor Based Sulfur Heterocycles: 33S Couplings
F. B. Bramwell*, R. C. Haddon, F. Wudl, M. L. Kaplan and J. H. Marshall
J. Amer Chem.  Soc. 100 4612, (1978)

Phenaleno[1,9-cd]dithiolyl: the First Example of a Coplanar, Carbon-based, Free Radical
R. C. Haddon, F. Wudl, M.  Kaplan, J. H. Marshall and F. B. Bramwell
J. Chem.  Soc.  Chem.  Com. 429, 1978

Representative Articles: Education and Training

Metrics for Measuring Broadening Participation in NSF Programs
Fortenberry, N. L., Cady, E., T., Bramwell, F., Clewell, B., Flaris, V., Jolly, E., Martin, D., Macdonald, H., Poston, M., Rodriguez, A., and Spalter-Roth, R. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 15 (3), 245-261 (2009).

Kentucky Baccalaureate Origins of Doctorate Recipients in the Biological Sciences,
Chemistry and Physics, 1978 through 2002
F. B. Bramwell and E. L. Brown J. Kentucky Acad. Sci. 66 129 (2005)

View From My Benchtop
F. B. Bramwell
J. Chem. Educ. 75 1526, (1998)

Introduction to Research: A New Course for Chemistry Majors at Brooklyn College
E. T. Williams and F. B. Bramwell
J. Chem.  Educ. 66 565, (1989)

The Coefficient of Viscosity for Gases
F. B. Bramwell and F. Bramwell
J. Chem.  Educ. 59 680, (1982)

A Chemiluminescence Demonstration-Oxalyl Chloride Oxidation
F. B. Bramwell, S. Goodman, E. A. Chandross and M. L. Kaplan
J. Chem. Educ. 56 111, (1979)

Off-campus Professional or Related Experiences of Significance (2007-present only)

Ford Foundation Fellowship Program, Chair Physical Sciences & Mathematics (2010)

Empire Science Resources, LLC Manager Member (2005-present)

American Institute of Chemists, Inorganic Chemistry Editorial Review Board Chair (2004-present)

Advisory Board San Francisco State University Research in Minority Institutions (2003-present)

Advisory Board CCNY Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology (2002-2008)

Panel, Site Visit, and Reverse Site Visit Review Committees-National Science Foundation (2002-2007)
            Math and Science Partnerships – Subpanel Chair
            Research on Learning in Education
Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation
(CREST) Centers for Research Excellence in Science and Technology - Chair
            Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Program
(EPSCoR) Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
Senior Consultant, Quality Education for Minorities Network (2000-present)
Chair, Consultant LS-AMP Review Committee Louisiana Board of Regents (1995-present)
College Chemistry Consultants Service American Chemical Society (1988-present)

Membership in Professional Societies
            Omicron Delta Kappa, Honorary Leadership Society, 2001-present
            Kentucky Academy of Sciences, 1996-present                            
            American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1996-present
            American Institute of Chemists and Chemical Engineers, 1988-present
            New York Academy of Sciences, 1971-present
            Sigma Xi, 1971-present
            American Chemical Society, 1966-present
            Phi Lambda Upsilon, Honorary Chemistry Society, 1966-present
                        President, Delta Chapter, 1969-70

 Selected Academic and Professional Honors

  • North Carolina A&T University Urban Education Institute African-American Exemplar STEM Fields (2012)
  • Citation in African Americans in Science. Mathematics, and Invention, Facts on File, (2003)
  • Claude Feuss Medal, Distinguished Public Service, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA (2000)
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, Kentucky Geological Survey (2000)
  • Founders Award, NYC LSAMP—CUNY, (2000)
  • 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century (2000)
  • Lyman T. Johnson Alumni Association Award, University of Kentucky, (1996)
  • Department of Chemistry Alumni Excellence Award, University of Michigan (1996)
  • Citation in Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century, Oryx Press (1996)
  • Distinguished Service Award- Brooklyn Subsection of the American Chemical Society (1995)
  • Distinguished Service Award-National Black Science Students Organization (1993,1995)
  • Professor of the Year Award- National Black Science Students Organization (1985, 1989)
  • Fellow, American Institute of Chemists and Chemical Engineers (1988)
  • Fellow of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities of the City University of New York (1980)

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