Melissa S. Reeves

Phone: 334-727-8237
Office: Carver Hall Rm 25

Indiana University, Ph.D.,1991, Physical Chemistry
University of Florida, B.S., 1988, Chemistry

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tuskegee University, 1999-present
Director, Material Science and Engineering Research Experiences for Undergaduates, 2006-2011
Director of Undergraduate Research, Tuskegee University, 2004-2006
Lecturer at Computational Center for Molecular Structure and Interactions Summer Institute, Jackson State University, Summer 2000
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tuskegee, 1995-1999
Summer Faculty Intern, 3M Advanced Materials Technology Center, 3M Corporation, Summer 1997, 1998
Part-time Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Indiana University, Aug. 1993-July 1995
Minnesota Supercomputer Institute Research Scholar, Aug. 1992-Aug. 1993
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota, Sept. 1991-Aug. 1993

Many of Reeves’ professional activities combine research and teaching and span the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her current appointment as Director of Undergraduate Research is one example of this integration. She served as the Co-Chair of the annual Undergraduate Science and Engineering Conference at Tuskegee for 2002 and 2003. She has been a coordinator in the CReATE program (Chemistry and Research for the Advancement of Tuskegee-educated Scientists and Engineers), a summer program which trains under-prepared science majors in chemistry and research.
Reeves’ teaching interests and innovations have primarily related to the teaching of Physical Chemistry. The use of computers to promote higher-level thinking (according to Bloom’s Taxonomy) is the main theme of her work in that area. Following the work of Dr. Theresa Zielinski at Monmouth University, she has promoted the use of Mathcad (a symbolic math program) in the Physical Chemistry curriculum. She has been a member of PCOL, the Physical Chemistry Online Consortium. She has also given training sessions on the Tuskegee campus in the use of Blackboard Course Management software as part of the HHMI faculty development program.
Research in the Reeves group has been in two main areas: ab initio electronic structure calculations and polymer structure and properties prediction. Ab initio electronic structure calculations can be used to determine highly accurate structures, energies, infrared frequencies, NMR chemical shifts, and reactivities of molecules. Using Newtonian mechanics and parametrized force fields, the structure, properties, and differences among various polymers is currently being studied.


"Computational Comparison of Isotactic and Syndiotactic Polystyrene and their Alkyl-Substituted Analogs," Danielle L. Hudson, Valerie N. Moses, Melissa S. Reeves, Derrick R. Dean and Adriane G. Ludwick. Polymer Preprints, accepted.
"Molecular modeling of penetrants in polyimides for aerospace applications," Danielle L. Hudson, Jeffrey A. Hinkley, Thomas C. Clancy, and Melissa S. Reeves. Polymer Preprints 44 (2003), 1230.
"Reaction of Formaldehyde at the Ortho- and Para-Positions of Phenol: Exploration of Mechanisms Using Computational Chemistry," A. H. Conner and M. S. Reeves, 1999 Proceedings of the Forest Products Society.
"Atomistic simulation of the cohesive and surface properties of polyethylene and polypropylene." R.B. Ross, M.S. Reeves. Abstract in Volume 81: Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering. Elsevier. 1999.
"Review of ‘Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 11,’" M. S. Reeves, Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 (1998), 9116.
"Three Year Evaluation of General Chemistry Retention Strategies," Barbara G. Rackley, Aaron I. Baba, Adriane G. Ludwick, and Melissa S. Reeves, Abstract in The Journal of the Alabama Academy of Sciences 68 (1997) p. 203.
"Using a Math Program to Study Symmetry of Molecules," Melissa S. Reeves, CHED Newsletter and Abstracts, Spring 1998 "Dallas ACS Meeting," Abstract 658.
"Introduction to Matrices: A Tutorial for Physical Chemists," M. S. Reeves, at the National Science Foundation New Traditions for Physical Chemistry Web Site ( since September 1, 1997.

Professional Organizations
American Chemical Society: Member (1993-present)
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society: Member (1996-present), President-Elect Tuskegee University Chapter (1997-98), President Tuskegee University Chapter (1998-99), National Delegate for Tuskegee University Chapter 1998, Treasurer Tuskegee University Chapter(1999-present)
Golden Key National Honor Society: Honorary Member (2000)
Phi Beta Kappa: Member (1988-present)
Community Service
Auburn First Baptist Church: Member (1996-present), Choir member (1996-present), Choir Vice President (2003-4), Choir President (2004-05), Co-leader, Baptist Young Women (1998-99), Visitation Committee (2000-present)
Embroidery Guild of America, Dixie Chapter (Columbus, GA/Opelika, AL): Member (2003-present), Vice President of Programs (2005-present)

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