Russell Invited to join online Teaching Community on YouTube

Tuskegee’s online teaching efforts have not gone unnoticed by the public.  Dr. Albert E. Russell, Chair of the Department of Chemistry, has been experimenting with online/blended learning methodologies for Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 320).  Beginning in the summer of 2013, he began creating video lectures for students enrolled in CHEM 320 to view learn at their own pace.  Using YouTube and social media, the videos are posted for immediate feedback and immediate use for students.  Apparently, there are more than just Tuskegee students that have latched on to these videos.  His efforts have drawn the attention of Scalelab which is an online YouTube community of learning resources.  Scalelab is the only current YouTube community that has a dedicated organic chemistry channel.  Dr. Russell is also on the editorial board and is a contributor for MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching).  The Department of Chemistry will continue to be pioneers as Tuskegee moves further into the era of online teaching and learning.