SAACS Students Present “An Introduction to Green Chemistry

The Chemistry Department’s Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) presented “An Introduction to Green Chemistry” on January 24, 2014 to local students at the Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven, a local agency for at-risk children.  SAACS members Jashaun Bottoms, Ivy-Monae Gallimore, Parquita Jones, and Terita Tall developed and presented the program along with IBS graduate student Kamara Linley, chemical engineering student Kappy Johnson, and Bria Polk, an environmental science undergraduate.  The students were introduced to “The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry”.  Special emphasis was placed on being careful to reduce waste as much as possible.  The advantages of recycling were illustrated using “The Life Cycle of an Aluminum Can”.  In addition, recycling of plastics was discussed and the plastics identification codes were explained to the students and they were able to identify various plastic wastes using their new knowledge.  The importance of products that are biodegradable was demonstrated by comparing Styrofoam and starch packing peanuts.  The students especially enjoyed dissolving the starch packing peanuts in water.  The Safe Haven students were enthusiastic as the Tuskegee Gold turned them Green.  Guy Trammell, site manager, joined by Diane Smith and Luevenia Martin, volunteers with the Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven, assisted and supervised the energetic students of Safe Haven.

If you are interested in having Tuskegee students present an educational program, please contact Dr. Willard Collier at 254-396-3003 or the Tuskegee University chemistry department at 334-727-8833.  The faculty and students of the Chemistry Department are always eager to share their enthusiasm for chemistry with the next generation of scientists and increase science awareness among the general public.