“The Chemistry of Christmas: Smells and Memories” Presented by Chemistry Students

Chemistry undergraduate students Jashaun Bottoms, Monae Jackson, Ivy-Monae Gallimore, Parquita Jones, and Terita Tall along with IBS graduate student Kamara Linley presented “The Chemistry of Christmas: Smells and Memories” to local students at the Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven, a local agency for at-risk children, on December 12.  The students from Safe Haven learned how their sense of smell and memories are connected.  They also learned how smell and taste are intertwined and explored some basic chemistry of odor molecules.  The students were able to examine and smell frankincense and myrrh.  Everyone enjoyed both the smell and taste of fresh baked sugar cookies, cold eggnog, peppermint candy canes, chocolate, and fresh tangerines.  The students from Safe Haven were supervised by Guy Trammell, site manager, Vanessa Kennon, senior youth advocate, and Debranyo Walker.

If you are interested in having Tuskegee students present an educational program, please contact Dr. Willard Collier at 254-396-3003 or the Tuskegee University chemistry department at 334-727-8833.  The faculty and students of the Chemistry Department are always eager to share their enthusiasm for chemistry with the next generation of scientists and increase science awareness among the general public