College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate programs in the Division of Liberal Arts that lead to a bachelor of arts degree in English, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology. Students who graduate in these fields are prepared to pursue further study in graduate or professional school, or for careers in industry, the military, or the federal or local governments.

Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences devote major effort to advising undecided majors to choose courses, adjust to college life, identify career objectives, and to select an appropriate major.

College of Arts and Sciences programs provide all Tuskegee University students, regardless of major, basic skills instruction in English, and Mathematics; assist students to develop a foundation for understanding the world in which they live through exposure to the arts, literature, philosophy and the social sciences.

Research and development in the College of Arts and Sciences focuses on educational pedagogy, theoretical and applied mathematics, social data analysis and social program effectiveness, political institutions and international relations, historical roots of the modern world, and works of literary and artistic significance.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers major programs at the Bachelor of Arts degree level in the basic liberal arts disciplines and in five disciplines leading to teacher certification. Faculty in the College advise all undecided majors at Tuskegee University. The College provides instruction to all Tuskegee students, regardless of major, in development of English and mathematics skills, exposure and appreciation of the product of human creativity, insight for understanding the modern human social and political condition, and preparation for a healthy life style.