Fine & Performing Arts

Mission Statement:

To develop and sustain a Fine Arts Program that encourages artistic growth by:

(1) Exposing students to Fine Arts including its history, cultural relevance and societal influence with particular emphasis on the works by artists of color

(2) Introducing students to on-campus, local, state, regional, national and international works and providing hands-on experience in art appreciation and portfolio development

(3) Incorporating fine art as an integral part of students’ educational experience and preparing them for careers either in the fine arts or in areas directly influenced by the arts

(4) Developing a program that allows students to graduate with a minor in visual arts

(5) Serving as a catalyst in enriching visual arts, educational research, and service in the Tuskegee and Macon county area 


The Art faculty offers an appreciation and understanding of aesthetic expression through visual experiences and proficiency in basic art skills, using a flexible combination of instruction techniques. Among these techniques are demonstrations, lectures, films, guided and independent studio activities, informal critiques, individual consultation and interaction among class members. 


Music faculty provides instruction and performing experience to all students interested in broadening their understanding and enjoyment of music as a fine art, and in developing their talents in music.

A baccalaureate degree in music is not offered; however, a student may obtain a minor in music by completing a total of twenty semester hours of (music) courses approved by a departmental chairperson. Active participation in Band or Choir is required for four consecutive semesters.

The University Choir is an organization of approximately one hundred members. Its aim is to cultivate a knowledge of and a taste for the best choral music. The singing of the choir is a regular feature of Sunday chapel services and public assemblies. A smaller unit of about fifty voices, selected from the total choir and specially trained, is used for concert tours in cases where use of the total choir would be impractical.

The University Marching, Basketball, Jazz and Concert Bands are organizations with full instrumentation. The bands present concerts and perform for convocations, military and athletic functions sponsored by the University. General elective courses are available to all students as well as courses in applied music in band instruments, voice, piano and organ. Performance groups such as the Marching Band (Crimson Pipers), Concert Band, Jazz Band and the Concert Choir (Golden Voices) are open to all students who demonstrate musical ability as determined by audition.



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