Godfrey T. Vincent, Ph.D.

Interim Department Head, History & Political Science
Associate Professor of History
E-mail: gvincent@mytu.tuskegee.edu
Office Phone: 334-727-8105
Office Location: John A. Kenney Hall, Rm 70-106

Research Fields:

  • New World Slavery and Emancipation
  • Racism and Segregation
  • Civil Rights and Affirmative Action
  • Social Movements and Change; Globalization and Political Economy
  • Labor History, focusing on new forms of labor struggles and organizations
  • Dr. Joe Jimmeh
    Department of History & Political Science
    Tuskegee University
  • Dr. Immanuel Ness
    Department of Political Science
    Brooklyn College, CUNY & The CUNY Graduate Center
Biographical Sketch:
Professor Godfrey Vincent received his Ph.D from Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland in 2011. His current research focuses on Neo-liberal Globalization. Addressing the issues of income inequality in the Global South, exploitation of resources, and governance, Dr. Vincent’s group is currently developing alternative models of development that seeks to address all forms of disparities.

Representative Publications:
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  2. Vincent, Godfrey, "George Weekes, and the Oilfields Workers' Trade Union, 1962-1997," in Immanuel Ness and Zak Cope, eds. Palgrave Encyclopedia of  Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism. London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2016
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