Noel A.D. Thompson, Ph.D. 

Received his Ph.D. in 2004
Receives his terminal degree from Auburn University in Political Science in May 2013. His specialized area is Public Policy.

His interests are in small farm policy, economic development, immigration issues, presidential politics issues, and macroeconomic policy.

  • Litigation as a form of interest Group Activity: African American 
    Farmers in the Pigford versus Glickman Case (2004).
  • Changing, in Agriculture: How Alabama Compares to The Southeast and U.S.
    Collaborators; John Dunkelberger, Lavaughn Johnson, and Quinta Rosse (2000).
  • Selected Demographic and Agricultural a Statistics for Alabama: State and Counties: 1960-90, and 1974-92 (September 1998).
  • Analysis of Employment in Rural-Urban Development in Alabama: Distribution, Structure, and Changing Patterns (1979).

Curriculum Vitae

Noel A.D. Thompson

Office Location: 
70-107 John A. Kenney Hall
Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama 36088

(334) 727-8277

Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama - 2001-2004
Political Science - Ph.D.

Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, Alabama – 1963-1964
Applied Economics - M.S.

Jackson State University – 1960 -1963
History/Political Science – B.A.

Tuskegee University
Assistant Professor - Political Science
August, 2006

Auburn University
Extension Specialist
Alabama Cooperative Extension Service
January 1980 – September 30, 2004

South Carolina State University
Assistant Professor – Political Science
August 1967 – May 1970

Tuskegee University
Associate Research Professor – Behavioral Science
May 1970 – December 1979