Thierno Thiam, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of History and Political Science

Special Assistant to the President for Global Initiatives

Office Phone: 334-725-5489
Office Location: John A. Kenney Hall, Rm 70-110

Research Fields:
  • International Organizations
  • Democracy and Democratic Transitions
  • Political Reforms
  • Sustainable Development
  • Theories of International Relations
  • Dr. Gilbert Rochon
    Former President & Professor
    Tuskegee University
  • Dr. Bert A. Rockman
    Former Chair & Professor of Political Science
    Purdue University
Biographical Sketch:
Associate Professor Thiam joined Tuskegee University in December 2010 from the Institute for State Effectiveness (ISE) based in Washington D.C. The ISE blends conceptual thought, analysis and direct experience to rethink relations between citizen, state and market in the globalized world.

Dr. Thiam’s academic activities span across several major universities including Howard University where he taught the Graduate Seminar in Comparative Politics, the University of Maryland - College Park, where he taught the Politics of Africa and Purdue University where he taught courses in International Relations. He is currently collaborating on a book focusing on African Sustainable Development and Emerging Technologies, as first author. Thiam holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Purdue University. He serves as co-chair of the committee on internationalization at Tuskegee University.

Representative Publications:
  • African Communities: An Inquiry into the Theoretical Logic of Community Formation (with Worth Hayes). Cognella Academic Publishing. Spring 2015.
  • “Democracy and Education: Evolution of the Tuskegee University Governance Model” (with Gilbert L. Rochon) In Reimagining Democratic Societies: a New Era of Personal and Social Responsibility Council of Europe Higher Education Series 18 (February 2013)
  • “The Emergence of ECOWAS and the Limits of the Paradigms of International Politics.” Politeia 29 (3) 2010.
  • “Real-Time Remote Sensing in Support of Ecosystem Services & Sustainability.” (with Gilbert L. Rochon et al.) In Peter Liotta, et al, eds. Ecosystems Services & Environmental Security. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications (volume 69, 2010)
  • “Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Corporate, Academic and Governmental Transfer of Sustainable Technologies to Developing Countries.” (with Gilbert L. Rochon, et al.) In Clean Technologies & Environmental Policy, Berlin: Springer (March 2009).
  • “The United States: The Political Context of Administrative Reform.” (with Bert A. Rockman) In The International Handbook of Public Management Reform, eds. Shaun Goldfinch and Joe Wallis (August 2009).