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The vision of the department of physics is to prepare students for graduate studies by providing quality instruction and research education leading to the B. S. degree. We seek for our students to accept the challenges of the 21st century successfully. To achieve this vision we provide advanced level instruction and research training to prepare students for creating, analyzing and propagating new knowledge.


The mission and purpose of the physics department will be achieved through the following three elements: (i) instruction, (ii) research and (iii) service.

(i)   Instruction:    To develop basic scientific education among science, engineering and non-science majors and promote the value of education as a continuous process and lifelong endeavor.

(ii)  Research:    To inculcate aptitude for research and related training among physics majors: Tuskegee physics students are encouraged to create and propagate new knowledge through required presentations in regional and national conferences.

(iii)  Service:    Through outreach activities to develop compassion for others, and provide service to the educational and social communities. We prepare students to serve the global society as well as the regional and campus community.


Physics majors Mr. Jeremiah F. Wilson and Ms. Leah Sanks have been nominated to receive the prestigious White House initiated HBCU ALL STAR Students Award for the Year 2014.

Physics majors Mr. Jeremiah F. Wilson and Mr. Sammie Ely III with their faculty mentors Dr. Sesha Srinivasan and Dr. P.C. Sharma have successfully filed their 2013 invention on “Universal Photocatalytic Reactor Design for the Water and Air Detoxification and Fuel Production”.

Physics majors Mr. Jeremiah F. Wilson, Mr. Sammie Ely III, Mr. Lamont Henderson and Ms. Bria Moore with their faculty mentors Dr. Sesha Srinivasan and Dr. P.C. Sharma have got their research paper on “Hydrogen Energy Production” published in Journal of Undergraduate Research in Physics (JURP).

poster titled “Bandgap engineered zinc iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications”, by Lamont Henderson, Jeremiah Wilson, Bria Moore, Sesha Srinivasan, and P. C. Sharma, was presented at the Nano-Bio Summit 2013.

Physics Major Ms. Amber Kinnebrew graduated in Summer 2013 and was selected to start her Master program in Chemistry at Tuskegee University in Fall 2013.

  Dr. Z. Chen and Dr. P. C. Sharma received the NSF support for the investigation of graphene growth over silicon carbide. The total budget of this project is $80,000.00 and the period is one year.

Dr. P. C. Sharma 
have won four years US Department of Transportation’s “University Transportation Center -  Tier 1” grant of $1,414,100.00 (share with University of Central Florida) to work on to transform the country’s transportation network, create a STEM education for environmental sustainability. Tuskegee University is sub-awarded with $150,000 per year for four year from the period of Jan 2014 to Dec. 2017. 

Our paper entitled, "Optical Absorption Spectroscopy of Dry Eraser Marker Ink" has been adjudged as the "Best Research Poster Paper" in the "International Conference on Lasers, Optics and Photonics" held on October 7-9, 2013, at San Antonio. 
Dr. Sharma’s award has been attributed in recognition of research paper quality, novelty and significance as indicated on the award certificate.The research papers entered in competitions for the best research poster were from countries like China, Russia, Korea, USA, Egypt, and Ethiopia.

Dr. A. Kumar made an oral presentation of the paper, "Laser Induced Breakdown S[ectroscopy: A real time approach to identity the glass and crystal samples" at the "International Conference on Lasers, Optics and Photonics" in San Antonio on October 7. 

Dr. P. C. Sharma, Dr. F. B. Bramwell, and Dr. Z. Chen submitted to the DOE-ARPA program a joint proposal titled "Fabrication of Low-cost Vertical 4H- or 6H-SiC MOSFET on GaN/Si Wafers" with Auburn University, the requested fund is $840,542.00.

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Dr. P. C. Sharma received the 2012-2013 Faculty Performance Award for Research