Jobs In the Field of Sociology

Students today are not simply looking for employment, they are attempting to find meaning in their work.  Sociology provides students with a range of skills valuable in today's job market.

The digital age has engendered a major shift in the employment market.  Sociology majors are prepared to meet these demands. 

Sociology majors typically complete a battery of courses designed to help students compete in the digital age.  These include quantitative analysis, social networks, theoretical analysis, urban sociology, urban planning, and cultural analysis.   


A sample of job fields requiring the skills provided to sociology majors include:


Social Networking 

  • Network Analyst

  • Network Theorist 

Big Data (quantitative analysis)

  • Statistician

  • Survey Designer


  • Elementary and High School Teacher

Post Secondary Education

  • Behavioral Scientist

  • College Professor

  • College Administrator


  • Attorney

  • Paralegal

  • Public Servant

Criminal Justice

Urban Design/Planning

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