Mrs. Denise J. Fitzpatrick


Associate Degree- Medical Secretary - Southern Vocational Junior College-Tuskegee,


Alabama Clerk Typist Degree- Manpower Program-Tuskegee

Mrs. Denise J. Fitzpatrick has served as the secretary of the department for over 25 years. She is a loyal trustworthy, dedicated, hardworking employee whose personal motto is to serve the University through rain, hail, sleet or snow. She insures that our legendary well oiled machine operates as smoothly as possible. Aside from the normal responsibilities assigned to a secretary in any Department of Social Work, Mrs. Fitzpatrick troubleshoots, manages as well as ensures that the computer lab operates to its full capacity. She supervises our work-study students and assists the faculty in staying on tasks assigned by various administrators in the University. All of the students who have entered and exited the Social Work program revere her for her kind, caring, and compassionate mode of communication. Mrs. Fitzpatrick is an excellent resource for the Department as well as in the community at large. She was named Employee of the Month for August 2006  Employee of the Year April 20, 2007.