The Signature Pedagogy of Social Work Education - The Field Practicum Experience

Tuskegee University is located in Tuskegee, Alabama which is 40 miles east of the Alabama State Capital in Montgomery, Alabama. Although the University is located in a rural setting, the Social Work program has been designed to provide students with Generalist Practice opportunities. Students not only perform their Field Practicum in Tuskegee, but partnerships have been developed with Social Services agencies in the neighboring counties as well as Auburn and Montgomery, Alabama, of which they may Intern.

Students get an opportunity to apply the Generalist Practice skills in a host of settings such as Hospitals, including the VA Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Mental Health, Centers, Department of Corrections, Department of Family and Children Services, Community Organizations and Data Analysis. In these area of Practice, students use Generalist Social Work skills such as Engagement, Assessment, Evaluation and Termination. Recognizing that the context of practice is dynamic. Student recognize that the Social Worker through their knowledge base as well as their years of experience will use their skill sets to obtain necessary resources from the Community. Social Workers will also use these resources to enhance their client's capacity for social functioning and create societal conditions that are favorable to their goals. This is the profession of Social Work.

Internship sites also include; Community Centers, Juvenile and Adult Detention Centers, Work Release Programs as well as Human Resources, and Federal Correctional Systems. Students have a wide range of opportunities to obtain valuable experience. They provide direct practice at the Micro and Mezzo level notably, Individuals and Family or Groups.