The Goals Of the Department of Social Work and their connectivity to the Program's Mission

The goals of the Department of Social Work at Tuskegee University are listed below and are a derivation of its mission:
  1. To prepare students for entry level Social Work practice with Individuals, Families and other Groups, Organizations, and Communities.
  2. To prepare students to practice Social Work with an understanding of and respect for the value of Human Diversity.
  3. To provide students with knowledge of information technologies and enriched experiences in applying them to solve problems in professional practice.
  4. To prepare students to further their professional growth and development in graduate study.

Outcomes and Evaluative measures:

Students who obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Department of Social Work at Tuskegee University shall:

  1. Identify as a Professional Social Worker and conduct one-self accordingly.
  2. Utilize Social Work Ethical Principles to Guide Professional Practice.
  3. Apply Critical Thinking to Inform and Communicate Professional Judgments.
  4. Engage Diversity and Difference In Practice.
  5. Advance Human Rights and Economic Justice.
  6. Engage in Research Informed Practice and Practice Informed Research.
  7. Apply Knowledge of Human Behavior and the Social Environment.
  8. Engage in Policy Practice to Advance Social and Economic Well Being and to Deliver Effective Social Work Services for individual, groups and communities.
  9. Respond to Context that Shape Practice.
  10. Engage, Assess, Intervene and Evaluate with Individuals, Families and Groups, Organizations and Communities.