About the School of Nursing & Allied Health



The philosophical tenets of the School of Nursing and Allied Health (SONAH) have grown out of those that pervade the University.  The School fosters the general purpose of the University which is teaching, research and service.  The mission of the School of Nursing and Allied Health is to serve the citizens of Alabama, the nation and the global communities in the promotion of health and disease prevention.  The School exists primarily to provide students access to excellent and progressive baccalaureate programs in Nursing and Clinical Laboratory Science and a master’s program in Occupational Therapy.    The School provides innovative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative learning opportunities through partnerships within the University, local community, State of Alabama and globally for the purpose of developing a knowledge base, skills, and a practice model that targets rural, diverse, and vulnerable populations to alleviate health disparity in the 21st Century.


The School of Nursing and Allied Health offers undergraduate programs leading to baccalaureate degrees in Nursing, degree in Clinical/Medical Laboratory Sciences,(CLS/MLS) formerly called Medical Technology (Med.Tech., MEDT), and an entry level Master’s in Occupational Therapy.  These programs are designed for students who wish to pursue a career in nursing or the allied health professions.  All professional disciplines are accredited by their national accrediting agencies.

To qualify for entry into the above professional programs in the School of Nursing and Allied Health, pre-professional courses are required.  Each program admits pre-professional and transfer students based upon available clinical facilities and the academic records of the student.