Message from the Interim Dean

Greetings and welcome to the School of Nursing and Allied Health home page.  If you are reviewing this site, you are probably interested in the professional programs here at Tuskegee University.  We offer a baccalaureate degree in Nursing, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and Occupational Therapy.  We appreciate your interest in us and what we have to offer here at Tuskegee.  

We are excited about the many career opportunities that await anyone who prepares to enter into any of the three health care careers. The nursing program here at Tuskegee is historic.  We have a long history of nursing training and education with the first nursing program being initiated in 1892. 

The first baccalaureate nursing program in the State of Alabama was established here at Tuskegee University in 1949.  We celebrated fifty (50) years of baccalaureate education in April 2003.  Tuskegee University's Department of Nursing remains constant in the preparation of leaders in the field of nursing.  Our graduates are sought by health care agencies throughout the nation. 

You will find our graduates as deans of schools of nursing, executive directors of health care agencies, educators, researchers, and expert clinicians.   The Occupational Therapy Program was established in 1978.  The practitioners work in a wide variety of settings to include acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric hospitals, community mental health facilities, schools and nursing homes. 

The Occupational Therapy Program will celebrate twenty-five years on the campus, in Spring 2005. The Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program offers a basic program of study, which focuses on the performance of laboratory determinations and analyses used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. 

The program was initiated at Tuskegee University in 1978. Practitioners of Clinical Laboratory Sciences are employed in hospitals, public health laboratories, industries, research, education and other areas of health care. 

At Tuskegee University, students are exposed to a broad knowledge base.  Our setting offers tremendous opportunities to engage in many learning opportunities to prepare one for professional practice in the chosen discipline.  We are an integral part of the community and provide health care service to underserved populations in Macon County, Tuskegee, Alabama to include adolescents, and the elderly.  We have on-going collaboration with many of the health care agencies in the surrounding cities and/or communities.  

We highlight our rural setting because of the many opportunities that are available.  At the same time, we recognize our close proximity to Atlanta, GA (less than 2 hours away), and Birmingham, AL (less than 2 hours away).  Montgomery, AL (less than 45 minutes away) is the location of many of our clinical learning experiences. We take great pride in our commitment to students and their successful progression through a rigorous course of study.  Our small classes facilitate close faculty/student interactions that promote retention and successful completion of the program.

Please contact us if you have additional questions after viewing the information found on our website.

- Doris S. Holeman, Ph.D., RN
209 Basil O'Connor Hall
Phone: 334-727-8382
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