"Pet Attachment and Dissociation"

Author(s): Sue-Ellen Brown ; Aaron H. Katcher

Source: Society and Animals Volume: 9 Number: 1
Page: 25 -- 41
DOI: 10.1163/156853001300108973

Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers

Abstract: This study replicated the co-existence of dissociation and pet attachment in 113 female veterinary technician students based on a bivariate correlation analysis and chi-square analysis of their responses to the 28-question Dissociative Experiences Scale and an eight-question "pet" attachment questionnaire.The study replicated the positive correlation between pet attachment and dissociation first reported by Brown & Katcher (1997). Also replicated was the finding that significantly more with the highest pet attachment had clinical levels of dissociation than did those with lower attachment. Results compared to a meta-analytic study found their level of dissociation to be higher than participants in non-animal-related categories.This study suggests that dissociation may characterize one subset of people highly attached to pets and discusses implications for companion animal research and individuals in animal-related careers.