Tuskegee Behavior Test for Selecting Therapy Dogs

Produced by:

Caroline Schaffer, DVM and John Phillips

College of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health

Tuskegee University

A comprehensive how-to package for interpreting canine postures and screening dogs to work in nursing homes & hospitals

A must-own 23-minute videotape & evaluation forms for:

  • Veterinarians & veterinary technicians
  • Nurses, physicians, & other caregivers
  • Psychologists & social workers
  • Animal shelter personnel
  • Pet-facilitated therapists
  • Dog trainers & judges

$49.95 plus $4 postage & handling will bring you this easy-to-follow training package that includes a 23-minute 1/2-inch VHS videotape, evaluation forms, drawings of 6 basic canine postures, & a detailed behavior test description. Add $10 for delivery outside the U.S. and $20 for 3/4-inch format.

To order, call (334)727-8122 or write to schaffer@tuskegee.edu