Clinical Sciences Learning Resources


Library and AV/AT laboratory:

The library is adequate for students and faculty. The Library continues to increase it holdings and to upgrade available services. On-site access to computer software and supporting software is available in the small and large animal clinics. There is an inter-library loan program as well as a cooperative agreement with the Auburn University Veterinary Library to supplement any shortages that might occur. The AV/AT laboratory is adequately equipped with computers and other visual aids to support students' learning experiences. Surgical, medical and diagnostic tapes are available for student use. Computer-assisted programs are also available. Internet access is another resource available to students.

  • Media Center:

The Media Center is an important part of the teaching process. It provides expertise to faculty and students in the preparation of slides, videos and computer-assisted learning programs. On-line seminars are also available to the students and faculty via the Media Center. This area adequately serves the Department

  • Computer Laboratory: 

The Computer Laboratory meets the needs of the Department, both in relation to faculty and students. Junior students rotate through the Computer Laboratory to become more computer literate. Seminars are held yearly for faculty and staff. The electronic classroom is also used for seminars and computer classes.