Continuing Education at SVM

The School offers lectures, seminars, and workshops aimed at providing veterinarians, livestock producers, owners of companion and recreational animals and the public in general with new and applied knowledge for the betterment of animals and humans. Faculty are intimately involved in the development and implementation of these programs and serve as presenters and program participants along with selected guest lecturers. As a means of professional development, faculty are also encouraged to make presentations at off-campus educational, research, and community forums on the national and international levels.

Programs & Activities
A brief synopsis of some of  SVM's continuing education and outreach activities.

Outreach Programs
The School continues to use its faculty and students to reach out to the community.

Vet Med Career Promoting Programs
SVM continues to promote Veterinary Medicine as a career choice.

Human-Animal Bond Programs
SVM continues to promote human health and well being.