Programs & Activities

A brief synopsis of some of the SVM's continuing education and outreach activities is presented below.

  • The Annual Veterinary Medical Symposium: The Annual Veterinary Medical Symposium is held during the spring of each year and has been held continuously for the last 35 years. Each symposium affords the alumni and regional veterinarians an opportunity for lifelong learning. TUSVM faculty and invited speakers present lectures, and workshops on pertinent topics. Registered veterinarians received 2.0 CEU's. The average attendance is 500 registrants and includes veterinarians, faculty and students.
  • Annual Small Ruminant Medicine Seminar For Veterinarians: This seminar is co-sponsored by the TUSVM and the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners. Faculty and invited speakers presented topics pertinent to Caprine and Llama health. Over 100 veterinarians, small ruminant producers, faculty and students have attended each conference.
  • Equine Veterinarian Workshop: Capitalizing on their geographic proximity, TUSVM and Auburn University College of veterinary medicine have jointly sponsored five equine continuing education programs. TUSVM faculty were both program planners and participants. The 1995 Alabama Farrier/Veterinarian workshop on equine lameness and hoof care was held in collaboration with the American Farrier's Association. Sessions were held on both campuses. Over 224 farriers, veterinarians, veterinary medical students and horse owners attended. Veterinary registrants received 11CE credits.
  • Preventing Alcohol And Other Drug Problems: The goal of this national conference was to ensure that veterinarians and veterinary medical students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels of training acquired the knowledge, attitudes and skills to prevent alcohol and drug problems in veterinary practice and to play leadership roles in preventative community efforts.
  • Computational Programs: Realizing the strategic importance that information technology holds in advancing biomedical education, TUSVMís faculty and staff continued to offer the following programs-Annual Biomedical Scholar Computer Training Workshop; Advances In Epidemiology Forum.
  • Veterinarians, Disabled Clients, and Assistance Dogs: TUSVM and the William Snyder Foundation for Animals of Baltimore, Maryland, jointly sponsored this lecture each year since 1995 to educate veterinarians and veterinary medical students about the needs of disabled people who are dependent on hearing guide or service dogs. The invited speakers are Dr. and Mrs. Ed Eames and their guide dogs, Echo and Escort.