Anatomic Pathology

Necropsy Services

Five faculty anatomic pathologists currently support the necropsy laboratory on a rotating basis seven days per week .  An intern assists the pathologists in performing necropsies.  A full-time necropsy technician assists in necropsies, disposal of carcasses, preparation of specimens for teaching purposes, and general sanitation of the laboratory.  Senior, junior and sophomore veterinary students are involved, on a rotational basis, in necropsy prosections performed while school is in session. This laboratory provides an environment for the gross dissection of a variety of animal species, ranging from laboratory rodents to the larger domestic species.  Avian and aquatic species are also accommodated along with occasional exotic (zoo animals) and wildlife species.  Gross findings are supported by histopathological evaluations of tissues collected at necropsy.


This is staffed by a full-time certified histotechnician who is responsible for routine histologic slide preparation and special staining techniques. The present capability for diagnostic molecular pathology (in situ hybridization, immunocytochemistry) is limited. Electron microscopy has just been added. This laboratory serves investigators with funded grants and graduate research.