Clinical Parasitology

This laboratory is housed in the same location as clinical pathology and is operated by a shared Technician and a senior veterinary medical work-study student. A Faculty Parasitologist is always on call in a supervisory and consultative role.

The laboratory routinely perform tests to identify ectoparasites such as ticks, mites, fleas, lice, flies (adults & larvae), hemoparasites (protozoans, rickettsiae & nematodes) and other endoparasites (worms & protozoans). A long list of tests are available and include: skin scraping & tape tests, gross & microscopic identification, direct fecal smear, fecal culture, flotations, sedimentations (fecal & urinary), Baermann's technique, egg per gram counts (EPGs), thin & thick blood smears, and heartworm detection procedures.