Academic Development Services

Academic Skills Workshops

Conducting academic skills workshops is another one of the Center's ongoing activities. Workshops include sessions on learning styles, test-taking, effective group study and the various study skills needed for academic success. 

Licensing and Certification Examination Preparation Process

The Center conducts test-taking sessions especially for those students who are preparing for national or state licensing or certification examinations. During the sessions, students are introduced to strategies for answering test items, are provided with practice questions in the same format as the actual licensing examination questions, and are offered content review sessions. 

Academic Counseling

The Center offers academic counseling to students. The counseling focuses on helping students learn how to learn. All students are encouraged to seek counseling, and those students whose academic performance warrants it are requested to meet with the director. The academic counseling process includes a self-assessment, discussion and advice regarding students' approach to their studies, as well as the provision of appropriate learning resources that foster self-help.