Peer Tutoring Program

The Peer Tutoring Program is yet another vehicle to ensure the academic success of students in the College. Student tutors provide academic assistance during the school year for first and second year courses in gross anatomy, microanatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, microbiology, parasitology/clinical pathology, anatomic pathology, and pharmacology. Peer tutors are also provided to serve the needs of nursing , medical technology and occupational therapy students in human anatomy, human physiology and clinical chemistry.

The peer tutors have been selected by faculty and are among some of our top students. Tutors assist students with mastery of subject matter, identification of instructional expectations and organization of content material for review and retention. In addition to providing direct tutorial assistance to students and serving as role models, peer tutors also:

  • Give advice on classroom methodologies, laboratories, and lectures
  • Monitor questioning and answering skills
  • Assist in establishing study groups

Tutoring sessions are provided on various dates and time. Please see the Peer Tutoring Program coordinator for details. 

Click the following links for the Peer Tutorial Guidelines and forms that must be submitted to the coordinator by the end of each week: